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Warehousing logistics

Warehousing logistics is at the core of any business that sells physical goods. A few of the most important elements of warehousing logistics include, warehouse management, warehousing services, operations, and warehouse management systems.

1. Warehouse management

Warehouse management is the strategic day-to-day running of operations in a warehouse to promote, improve, and ensure operational excellence. Managing a warehouse means overseeing all staff, training, inventory, equipment, safety and security, relationships with shipping carriers, warehouse slotting, and other moving pieces.

Responsibilities include:

  • Forecasting and managing projected volume and labor
  • Ensuring the proper safety gear is used and best safety practices are followed at all times
  • Obtaining the proper licenses and certifications for anyone operating equipment
  • Maintaining compliance and requirements for regulatory agencies
  • Continuously planning and managing operations as the business grows and becomes more complex
  • Keeping goods secure and accessible and performing warehouse audits as needed
  • Providing clear instructions on how to receive, unpack, retrieve, pack, and ship inventory
  • Setting up bins and other storage spots in optimal places to minimize the effort required to move between destinations
  • Recording all inbound and outbound shipments and collecting the proper documentation

2. Warehouse operations

Warehousing operations refers to the processes that take place in a warehouse revolving around the movement of goods and tracking inventory.

Principles of warehousing include functions such as receiving inventory, then placing each SKU into a separate dedicated storage location (e.g., in a shelf, bin, or on a pallet), and sending product to its next destination.

Efficient warehousing operations help keep:

  • Costs low
  • Inventory received and shipped on time
  • Staff productive
  • Sufficient quantities of product on hand
  • Space below capacity
  • Storage optimized and aisles clear
  • Equipment used effectively
  • Customers happy

3. Warehouse management systems

A warehouse management system (WMS) is a type of software that provides the tools necessary to manage warehouse operations and inventory movement to save time and eliminate manual processes. Warehouse management systems help optimize inventory and tracking, warehousing operations, workload distribution, and shipping.

These types of warehousing solutions give you unprecedented visibility and real-time insight into every action that’s happening in the warehouse. A good warehouse management system will even help generate electronic picking lists based on orders that have inventory stored close to one another to decrease inefficiencies.

By all means you want to avoid having poor ecommerce warehousing logistics that can result in wasted money, delayed orders, and potential legal liabilities. Streamlined warehouse logistics however can improve your bottom line and provide a top-notch customer experience. 

When it comes to figuring out a picking system that is right for you, understanding where your picking activities are lacking efficiency is a good first step.

Setting mandatory inventory minimums to ensure having just enough inventory can also improve your warehousing logistics. This practice is known as reorder points and can have a major impact on a businesses growth or decline.  

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